Welcome to PunctureVine Magazine

Is it a zine? An art book? Is it high brow? Low brow? This print-based magazine is a valiant effort of unprecedented glory by two Tri-City transplants, and much like the perennial Puncture Vine, we are an invasive pain in the ass.

Looking around the Columbia Valley region we find ubiquitous voids, every sense anesthetized by the emptiness. Is it really the case that culture just runs shallow in the deep river basin?

Puncture Vine seeks to build the artistic culture and challenge the Creative Class of the area; we hope to disrupt the status quo and make the Tri-cities a place worth calling "home." We invite all people—from Green entrepreneurs to nerdy academics, marginalized immigrants to local farm workers, punk anarchists and aspiring designers—to look at the haunting potential and do something to make it awesome.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like to score a copy of Puncture Vine, or,
of course, if you're fixing to get involved in the bliss that is PV.

Tribulus terrestris (Plant)

(singular or plural context)

Tribulus terrestris is a flowering plant in the family Zygophyllaceae, native to warm temperate and tropical regions of the Old World in southern Europe, southern Asia, throughout Africa, and Australia. And of course Tri-Cities, WA.


Peter Christenson & Nick Napoli